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We at Creative Theory live and breathe video production. We are built for it. It is our passion and our first love. Creative Theory is here to help you with all aspects of video production in Vancouver from brainstorming to polishing the final product. We want to build a story in collaboration with you. We want to create a long lasting video production strategy for you that will get through to your audience.

First, your message will be looked into at a deep level by our team. With the thorough understanding of the message, it will be easier to market. Among the steps that may be needed are sketching, storyboarding, graphics, and scriptwriting. With production, there can be shots from different points of view as well as aerial shots. We can also hire talent for photography, travel direction and editing. We do all of the work in house. We can be trusted for every detail in the production. We know by experience how important the extra mile can be. We take the journey with each project that we take part in. We find as much value in details and the extra polish as we do in editing and different angles. As with other divisions in technology, video production is very fast paced. There are a lot of trends that emerge in the industry. We constantly look out for any new technology and techniques. We look at the different fads for new standards of the industry in Vancouver for an edge in video production.

It is our belief that everyone’s story is worth telling. Our stories bring about a connection. It is our passion for people to bring out the best in their stories in a way that is both inspirational and creative.

Our creative team is:

  • Tight knit and very passionate about our work.
  • Professional about bringing forth the final product
  • Passionate to take the project from conceptualization to finished product

We at Creative Theory are storytellers at heart. Our Vancouver video production consultants make sure to share emotion and bring about a kind of connection through experience for the intended audience so that they can more readily receive the message being presented to them. Video allows the audience to better connect to the message being presented to them. They will also share the message with others in their lives.

It is our honor and privilege of working in a creative industry that is also spontaneous. Perhaps this is why we find it very enjoyable. One consistent thing we hear from our clients is that they have a lot of fun with us on the journey to a complete video production. Our Vancouver team believes our clients love the journey because we love the journey. We are also very relaxed about what we do at all times. At the same time we are very professional about it. This makes working with us very easy. The love that we put in our work makes us want to bring others along on the journey.

From the initial concept to completion, we at Creative Theory are willing to carry any project. With our vancouver video production services, we will keep you as part of the project so that you can understand and enjoy the process as well. We are very passionate about this and have experience in cinematic filmmaking as well as the production of video. Therefore, we are free and skilled in the creative production of each unique video for our clients. We have built up a strong fame for our ability to balance out cinematography that is emotional for videos that are dynamic and will be remembered for generations to come.

Go to our calgary video production page to work with a local team if you are further east.