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The Past

Link building used to be considered one of, if not the best, seo methods to increase traffic and improve website ranking. Recent updates to how Google operates, though, has changed how links are examined by the search engine and what used to be a superb traffic director now penalizes websites and drops them far down the results pages.

It’s not just Google anymore though. In this new worldwide web of social media, a simple Google search does not pick up everything that processes through sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Making sure you get noticed everywhere is what we do best. Creative Theory provides vancouver SEO services and has the skill and experience to get your company’s website on the front page where it belongs using multi-platform marketing and search engine optimization strategies.

The Future of Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

If your company’s website had been smacked by a Google penguin or had to deal with a Panda penalty, you know that losing traffic for even a short time can mean the difference between making a profit that month or finding yourself bleeding customers and sales before you can get back on track. Waiting until that happens causes business owners to panic and hire someone that claims to be SEO experts. If they’re lucky, this “patch” that most companies advertise as a true fix will get them bumped up a few pages before Google catches them again and the whole process just recycles itself again.

That’s why we don’t advertise or guarantee “fixes” in our seo service. They only work for a short time, and as the internet gets faster and smarter, that time shrinks every day. Creative Theory’s Vancouver team examines your company’s site structure and not just your content. The writer you have on staff may turn out the perfect advertisement copy, but if your site isn’t getting picked up, you might as well just put up a page that looks like a giant business card with your name, address and phone number.

What Creative Theory’s SEO Consultants Can Do For You

Creative Theory provides SEO that specializes in getting businesses noticed in Vancouver and even nationally. We optimize both organic and map listing rankings. This dual attack method has enabled us to get local companies in every market higher on Google searches and therefore generate more leads than they have experienced previously.

Many seo companies understand how to build links to beat the new Google rules, but that only works until the Google’s experts figure out how to block and punish them. What Creative Theory does is not just beat the system for a few weeks or months, but build websites that meet all the criteria Google uses from the ground up in search engine optimization. It makes it easier to stay on the front page and when the rules at Google do change, we are already most of the way there and can quickly adapt so your company won’t get knocked back a dozen pages until another vancouver SEO company can figure out what to do next. The landing pages we design for you will get you more conversions than any other company you can hire.

If you are ready to get noticed and stay at the top of your market’s results page, contact us today. We can do for you what we have done for dozens of businesses all over the Vancouver metro area thanks to our excellent vancouver seo specialists!

Visit our calgary seo page if you are in Alberta and want to work with a team that’s closer to you.