Top 6 Things heard during a B2B Web Design Project

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As a web design firm based in Vancouver, we have worked with hundreds of clients to create unique, informative and engaging websites. Over the years, we have helped clients with the website building process by addressing concerns and answering common questions that pop up during a typical B2B web design project. The six most common concerns are listed below:

“Make the Logo Larger”

Although this may seem logical to attract attention, bigger is not necessarily better. In fact, it is not the size of the logo that makes the difference – but the placement of the logo that will make your web page stand out.more about great web development

“The Site needs more CTAs”

Too many CTAs will most likely drive potential customers ways. A clear, simple website is what will turn visitors into leads and ultimately into repeat customers.

“The phone number needs to be in more places”

Similar to CTAs, phone numbers need to be strategically placed. A quality B2B web designer will place a phone number exactly where a visitor will see it. Having it in several different locations is not only distracting but it adds no value to the site.

“I don’t have time to review the design”

It is important the the customer takes the time to review the design. In addition to checking for errors, your feedback is important for us to provide customers with the best possible service.

“Why isn’t the site live?”

A minor delay may happen on occasion and customers are informed as soon as possible.

“The website is not perfect, don’t launch”

Launching only happens when the design and coding is complete and the design is reviewed and approved by the client.

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