Some Facts Regarding Custom Printing

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There are numerous aspects to custom printing that many people fail to consider for their projects. There are things like the weight of the paper, the opacity, and availability.

Weight of the Paper

It is true that 55# text can feel sort of light but in reality the Sebago IV Antique finish is actually quite substantial. It creates the same feel as a 70# text sheet. The reason for this is because this paper hasn’t been smoothed out or crushed between the rolls of the machine making the paper. This would also be the reason for its rough finish.

Main text stock can be thick, which prompted me to choose a thicker gloss than I would have normally for one of my projects. I went with the 80# as opposed to the 70# text weight. Even though it is really thinner than my main text paper, it feels like it’s thicker.learn about book printing services

Opacity of the Paper

When considering the opacity of the paper you select, keep in mind that you want to prevent the reader from seeing any photos on the back of pages all the way through to the front. This translucence (show-through) can become a substantial issue when dealing with 50#, 60# or 70# paper weights.


When negotiating a schedule, if there is any reason a supplier may be warning about late deliveries, they may need to be left out altogether. The reason is that most schedules are dealing with hard and fast delivery dates. You commitment to delivering on time is part of your overall reputation. Always strive to make your due dates and be sure your paper is available before ordering.

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