Reasons to Start a Signage Company

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You have a creative mind, you blend colors well and enjoy building things. You have a designers eye and want to open a sign shop. Great idea!

This is not about the great perks associated with owning a business, but it consists of the top five reasons that you should not open a sign shop.

Reason #1

It is not easy. You will be putting in long hours in learning everything you can about the industry and applying what you learned to building a solid client base. If you are not ready to dig your heels in and spend years of hard, unrecognized work, then do not start a sign shop.

Reason #2starting a signage service

If you think that you know all there is to know, think again. Even after 30 years in the industry, smart people in the sign business know that owning a business is a process that is a continuous quest for experience and knowledge. To quote Albert Einstein “Intellectual growth begins and birth and ceases at death”.

Reason #3

Your friends and family not share your passion for owning a business. They may wish you luck and even support you financially for a while, but ultimately it is a long lonely road. If you are not willing to go it basically alone, then starting a sign business is not for you.

Reason #4

Owning a sign business is not total freedom. By achieving the goal of doing what you want, when you want comes at a very high price. It is followed only by hard work, developing a solid client base and keeping a tight rein on financial matters.

Reason #5

Money is the backbone of a successful business. You must ask for deposits and full payment upon the completion of the job. If there is not a steady flow of money going into the business, do not start a sign company.