Good Website Design Speaks Volumes About Your Company

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A well-built website not only looks aesthetically pleasing, it also generates customer traffic and increases conversion which generates new business quickly and successfully. When speaking to a web designer about the ‘must-haves’ you require, keep in mind the following five things-Navigation, Brand Consistency, Reading Patterns and SEO, Content, and Trust. Here is why each matters to a website.


Good navigation is easy for users to understand. It takes them through the entire website quickly. The simpler the navigation, the more people it appeals to. That means a wider range of customers and better profits for you.building trust with your website design

Brand Consistency

Your brand should read the same across the board. This applies to any printed or digital materials that feature the company colors, logo, messaging, and imagery. Your brand communicates visually with your customers. Make it instantly recognizable by keeping it consistent any time you use it.

Reading Patterns and SEO

Where the web designer places content is every bit as important as the content itself. People tend to read a webpage the way they do a book, from top to bottom and left to right. The best spot to put important information is in the upper left hand column. It’s the first place people look for when visiting your website the first time.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps people find your website when using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By strategically placing keywords throughout your website, the web designer makes you visible to the public. That allows you to appeal to more people because you’re in one of the top positions on the first page of the search results.


Again, it’s important to keep things simple and readable. Have the web designer allow enough room for empty space to give your visitors’ eyes a break. Create content with value so people trust it for information. It drives traffic and gives you better conversion rates.


Get to know your customers and what they value so you’re best able to help them with their needs. A web designer has a target audience in mind. They make the virtual environment welcoming and trustworthy by making it visually appealing to look at, easy to get around, consistent, search engine friendly, and content rich.

The internet doesn’t have to be unfamiliar territory. Through great web design, it becomes a place where people go to do business with companies like yours over and over again. Focus on providing helpful tips to visitors and honing in on your company’s best practices for best results.

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