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Ever wanted to have a website that is beautiful and serves all your business’ needs? Is the design of your website user friendly? Does it measure up to modern standards? If not then don’t worry. Creative Theory is the perfect solution for you. We are the leading web design company in Edmonton, Alberta. And this is why.

Creative Theory offers:

  • Interface Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Backend & Web Development
  • User experience (UX) Design
  • Videography & Photography
  • Animations
  • and more!

We are committed towards creating the best interface that will not only make your website design standout, but is also user friendly. We understand the significance of having a design that enhances interactivity with potential customers.

Our main goal is to ensure that we maximize user experience so that you can also achieve your business goals. We use clear, precise instructions and labeling in our web design to make the user access content with ease. We therefore don’t just work for you but work alongside you to help maximize conversions and leads so you can grow in Edmonton.

We focus on perfecting our work. We have a serious team of experienced web page design professionals at our Edmonton firm with a wealth of experience in graphic design. They will design wonderful graphics that will exceed your expectations. Not only will you love it, but you’ll adore every graphic detail displayed on your web page layout.

We use the best web design tools and we stay upto date on every latest development in the web design world. We endeavor to stay in line with technological changes by frequently holding education sessions with our team at our Edmonton office.

In addition, we ensure that we provide you with the best web hosting services. We know which ones are perfect for your needs and once we design a website online for you, we assure you that it will be hosted by a reputable company with minimal downtime. We often use companies based in Edmonton to stay local.

Our team of graphic designers use vector and other packages to create the best web-formatted imagery for your website. With vector, you get the ability to resize as much and as often as you want without losing any of the quality.

We use tools such as markup validators alongside testing tools for accessibility and usability to make sure that your website meets the web design accessibility guideline. We don’t just design websites online for you and leave it at that. We put in place measures to make sure that users whether in Edmonton or anywhere in the world can always access it with ease.

Our talented team of web development professionals in Edmonton will make sure that they carry out the best motion graphic design for your website. We will do it in a manner that will attract readers to click through and pay attention to your website.

We make sure that we produce the best page layout which is consistent or as however you would like it. Furthermore, we choose the best typography for you and consider the use of safe fonts for your industry.

So if have been looking for the top edmonton web design service to create and maintain your website, look no further. Your search has ended. Talk to one of our website “builders” today to see what we can do for you.

If you’re in BC then visit our vancouver web design page for our great vancouver office.