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There are many different ways to market a business today. Some of which are much more popular and effective than others so it is essential for both small and large business owners alike to do their research in advance. One time tested way is using graphic car wraps on your company vehicles. The message that the company displays may be about a product, service or the company’s actual brand name. Regardless to the type of message that is shown, vehicle wraps can be a great way to get your message seen. Creative Theory offers high quality custom car wraps in Edmonton for a great price.

A vehicle wrap is also often advantageous to the business owner and their representatives because it has numerous benefits and the primary ones are listed below.


One of the first things that a business owner should consider when they are thinking about their vehicle being wrapped in an advertising message is the ease in customizing the message and all the options that you have. Our vinyl wrap professionals have a wide diversity of expertise in graphics services that they provide, that’s why they can fulfill exactly what you need whether it’s a design you brought to us or a design you asked our graphics designers to create. We can tailor make a great design no matter what type of vehicle you need wrapped:

  • Car Wrap
  • Truck Wrap
  • Vinyl Wraps
  • Custom Wraps and more!


Another important factor in choosing vehicle wrap is the amount of money and time that’s being spent. Creative Theory provides the most competitive pricing you can find in Edmonton while not sacrificing the quality. Remember, you will only have to do wrap your car once so you better get it right the first time. Our specialists at our Edmonton office can meet your needs depending on your budget.

DIY Vehicle Wraps

Creative Theory gives you the option to apply your car wraps yourself to your vehicle. While we warn you that it’s always better to have a professional work on your vehicle, if you are determined then it is possible to do it well yourself. We give you the option to use 3m vinyl wraps, magnetic wraps, carbon fiber and more.

Call our edmonton vehicle graphics wraps service today to see what we can do for you and your business. Start growing with great ad utilization right on your company trucks, vans, trailers, and more.

Go to our vancouver car wrap page if you need it done in BC. Thanks for visiting.