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Creative Theory edmonton seo companyExperience and Knowledge

Our expertise has been time-tested. The proof is in the results we’ve achieved for our clients and for our own website as well. While our client list is too extensive for us to share ‘all’ the results, let us tell you a little bit about what our edmonton seo experts can do for you.

Why Choose Creative Theory?

The benefit of working with us is getting an internet marketing company that is more than just great at search engine optimization. We know how to pull everything together from landing pages and web design to rankings and conversions. Good SEO is a combination of things that are all working together simultaneously to produce the best possible results. When we get to share one on one with our clients we are better able to provide the results they need.

WEB 2.0

Now we come to the explosive non-traditional side of tings with blogs and social media. The web is constantly evolving and adding new playing fields into the mix. The rules of engagement for SEO are updates and refreshing continuously. We here at Creative Theory are experts at laying down a solid SEO foundation leveraging our tried and true expertise in developing great marketing and optimization strategies.

BackLinking & Building Links

This part of an SEO campaign has long been the bread and butter for many SEO specialists. However, Google updates have changed all of this seemingly overnight. A lot of people were penalized by Google and their link building turned into link removal. Here at Creative Theory, our edmonton SEO service is extremely careful not to land your website in the penalty box. We can get you to Google’s first page of results without penalty and keep your leads coming in uninterrupted.

Recovering from Google Changes

Are you among the many who were caught off guard by the Panda or Penguin penalties? Did you run out and hire some cheap search engine optimization company in edmonton only to see your results go down the tubes? Well, no need to panic. Simply contact Creative Theory and let us get you back on the right track with Google. We will design a plan and strategy around your penalty that will bring you back up to speed.

In Edmonton

We work closely with local businesses operating in Edmonton or the surrounding area. If you’re in need of getting on the first page of the Google search results, then you’re in the best spot you could be! Getting websites to the first page of the search results is Creative Theory’s specialty. We can SEO optimize your organic rankings as well as your business listing ranking. We’ve helped many local companies in edmonton achieve higher Google rankings and generate a lot more leads. Call us today so we can improve your rankings too.

PPC Campaigns

Most people are aware of the effectiveness of PPC (Pay-per-Click) in getting people onto the first page quickly. Once implemented the changes can happen very quickly in real time. You just set your budget, determine how much you will bid for specific keywords, and set the wheels in motion. One good benefit when using PPC is the ROI can be great once you figure out what you’re doing.

On-Site SEO

Because of all the updates Google likes to impose, it’s crucial that you have a solid foundation for your onsite Edmonton SEO . That means hiring an seo company that knows how to dig deep into your site structure, its content, and other various elements to give your end-users an optimal experience and keep Google satisfied. Call us today to get started on the path to growing your business.

If you’re further west then be sure to visit our vancouver seo page to work with an office that’s closer to you.