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We at Creative Theory are driven by the instinct to create messages that transcend the present. We believe in working with our client to come up with the most effective video communication possible. Our calgary office likes to be involved in every step of the production right from the brainstorming sessions to the final product with emphasis on creating a story that drives home the point you wish to make.

The Creative Process

We have an able team of corporate video production consultants at our calgary office that manage the entire creative process. For them, this begins with getting to know you, your business, your target audience and understanding what you would want to be the overall message communicated in the video. Whether you have 1 employee or 500, we can help you get your message across in a meaningful way.

With the initial information gathered and established, the experts will work towards finding out the best way to bring out the message to suit the target audience and effectively communicate to them. Part of the creative process of our calgary video production services will include:

  • Choosing the perfect actors
  • Creating a compelling storyboard
  • Writing the captivating script
  • Producing awe-inspiring graphics
  • Planning various shot angles
  • Directing
  • Choosing locations for each shot
  • Traveling to locations to ascertain suitability

For every activity, we have skilled and experienced in-house technicians to put into action every detail of the creative process. For us, there is no aspect of our production job that is taken for granted and we will pay as much attention to the last syllable in a script as we will to the editing and lighting.

Video Production Technology Used

We understand that there is constantly new technological advancement in the video industry and we make it a point to keep abreast with these changes and employ them in our work to ensure that the client gets the best quality video with the help of the most appropriate and advanced video technology available at the time. It is not just about moving with the fads but ensuring that what we adopt is up to standard and will actually improve the quality of the end video product.

Our Calgary Team

The people we have working on our clients projects have a wealth of experience and take on their responsibility with the utmost professionalism, but above all, they love what they do. Our Calgary office’s approach to your project is rallied by their passion to help you tell your story in the best way possible.

The calgary video production team is a group of people who recognize that the industry in which we operate is one filled with creativity, spontaneity, and enjoyment. And they transfer this to their interaction with the client to ensure that at the end of the project, you are able to honestly say you have had an enjoyable journey and you are satisfied with the end result.

We can very easily undertake your project from beginning to finish, but we believe in creating something tailor-made for you with sufficient emotion that carries your point across. This is why we constantly involve you in the process and give you updates as well as welcome feedback from you. Since our team love what they do, it should not be a burden on you, but a welcome interaction to see to it that you get exactly what you need.

Check out our edmonton video production page if you are higher up in Alberta. Thanks for visiting!