Book Printing: Layouts and Signatures

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Go to I received the thumbnail of a book layout from a client making a graphic novel. The book size is 8.5 “ by 10.875” , and it will be published with a heatset web press making it easier to understand the printing requirements as opposed to a complete book. The PDF I sent to the printers is composed of 208 side-by-side pages. The printing company showed me what the final copy would look like on the press with no signatures.what you should know about custom printing services

While the reader will see the two-by-two spread, the printer placed the pages in 32 signatures, indicating the page that would be on each side of the press. Signatures refer to a grouping of even number pages such as 4-page or8-page indicating page breaks, and the grouping may be larger. This allows the client to include a gatefold or other insert, and they can determine color conflicts with the heavy ink coverage on each page. For example, some colors used for a solid background like magenta may result in a reddish cast on images. Before your book is printed, ask the printer about web offset or sheet-feed offset, and inform them of any inserts you plan to use.