SEO: A Close Look At Why Your Website Should Be Responsive

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There are many valid reasons why website owners are taking measures to optimize their website design and features. Websites have evolved over the years. Sites contained static content in the past, but they now have advanced programming that requires little coding skills. The growing popularity of Content Management Systems like Joomla and WordPress makes it extremely easy for anyone to create a website.

More people are now relying on their cell phones, tablets and other handhelds for internet activity. These items are used for online shopping, reading, and internet browsing. A responsive user interface has a big impact on how a website performs on a cell phone. This is why website developers are focusing on creating mobile friendly websites.what new seo companies should know

There is now a compelling reason to make certain your website is responsive. On April 21, 2015, Google introduced a new algorithm update that expands their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking mark in mobile search results. Google stated that this change will have an effect on mobile searches around the globe.

Please keep in mind that a responsive design does not offer a true ranking benefit, but it makes sense for one to create a mobile friendly site. It is vital for any business serious about SEO to use responsive design for their online strategy. The new algorithm update is designed to give a huge ranking boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results.

Various firms offering Search Engine Optimization services have methods for getting favorable search engines, but Precise Web Marketing has a solid reputation for providing outstanding results for their clients. Precise Web Marketing has an experienced team of SEO experts that can analyze your website for mobile friendliness. Precise Web Marketing can also help secure a high mobile search engine ranking for your site.

Create a great business plan in combination with search engine optimization to grow your company.

How To Build Trust With Your B2B Website The Simple Way

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We won’t get into the SEO involved to get potential customers to your website. This article will concentrate on what your company website needs to build trust. Your B2B website is your potential customers first impression of your company. Just like any first impression, you don’t get a second chance.

It is vital for your B2B website to get your customers trust since there is no personal contact. Like it or not, the way your new customers come to your website will be from referral or search engine traffic. This makes it vital your website builds trust with your customers on the first visit.

A potential customer will “Look You Up” either through a computer or, more than likely, a mobile device. You absolutely have to have an optimal user experience to build trust no matter what device they use to find your website. Otherwise, you may lose customers and money.

Most people will “Google it” to find you initially or come from a referral using the Internet. These future customers will determine very quickly if they want to deal with your company or not just from the website. You must build their trust immediately or they will move on.

The simplest way to build trust is with a responsive B2B website design. Why does the design matter? Keep reading to find some eye opening information.

Here are 2 links with some interesting data to think about (short info-videos):Aside from the need to have great content on your B2B website, the take away with this information we will be dealing with is the meteoric rise in mobile use. It is vital in todays markets to have a responsive website design from the staggering increase in mobile Internet use.

Since your website is, essentially, a credibility asset and the first contact with your potential customers; responsive web design is going to be vital to build trust. Like it or not your customers will determine whether to do business with you from your website design.

Almost half (from the information in the links above) of your potential customer will use your website to determine if they will do business with your company. So how can you use this fact to your advantage? The rest of this article will deal with how responsive web design can build trust for your future customers.


So what is a responsive web design? A responsive web design adapts your website to any device screen size. Any user can get a great user experience from any device from a PC to a cell phone. Less than 10% of the websites in existence are responsive.what good web design can do for you

HOW does a responsive web design build trust?

* Ease of Navigation – The main function of a responsive B2B website design is to make it easy to find what the customer is looking for in your company. It innately builds trust by allowing the user to get to what they are looking for easily. It give the impression you care about them and want them to find what information they need about your company. Otherwise, they might start wondering if you don’t care about them by have such a poor website.

* To Avoid Clicking The Wrong Thing – A properly designed responsive B2B website will allow users on smaller screened devices to select, and click, the proper link. If the links are too closely spaced “fat finger” people will not have an easy time clicking your links. Proper responsive design will greatly lessen any frustration the customer might experience using your website. The better the user experience, the more trust and satisfaction the customer has even before they contact your B2B company.

* User Experience – If your current website isn’t responsive, you are slapping your customer in the face when they are using anything but a full-size laptop or desktop computer. Do this test yourself, look at your website from your cell phone. Does it provide a satisfactory user experience? Studies prove that if your customers have a great user experience on your website they are far more likely to do business with you.

The question is if you want to slap your customers or give them a warm handshake when they first encounter your company. You have probably had a poor experience on a website from a mobile device. Did it build trust and have you wanting to do business with this company?

A responsive B2B website design is not only good for your new customer; but, also your current customers. If they can navigate your site easily, get the information they need, and place orders easily – will that keep them happy and put more dollars in your pocket?

Even the search engine giant Google will deduct points from your ranking score if your website is NOT responsive. Think about that a minute. Which search engine will people use to “Look You Up”? If they can’t find you from a poor search engine ranking will it hurt your B2B business?

If you don’t believe some of the things mentioned in this article, “Google it” and you will see a responsive web design IS vital to your B2B business. Is it better to invest in a responsive website design or risk losing customers from not having one?

Designing and building a responsive B2B website is not an easy undertaking. It requires a skilled web developer and project manager to make it seamless. Any B2B business looking to build trust, attract new customers, and satisfy current customers by implementing a responsive web design is one of the simplest, and most important, things you can do this year.

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Good Website Design Speaks Volumes About Your Company

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A well-built website not only looks aesthetically pleasing, it also generates customer traffic and increases conversion which generates new business quickly and successfully. When speaking to a web designer about the ‘must-haves’ you require, keep in mind the following five things-Navigation, Brand Consistency, Reading Patterns and SEO, Content, and Trust. Here is why each matters to a website.


Good navigation is easy for users to understand. It takes them through the entire website quickly. The simpler the navigation, the more people it appeals to. That means a wider range of customers and better profits for you.building trust with your website design

Brand Consistency

Your brand should read the same across the board. This applies to any printed or digital materials that feature the company colors, logo, messaging, and imagery. Your brand communicates visually with your customers. Make it instantly recognizable by keeping it consistent any time you use it.

Reading Patterns and SEO

Where the web designer places content is every bit as important as the content itself. People tend to read a webpage the way they do a book, from top to bottom and left to right. The best spot to put important information is in the upper left hand column. It’s the first place people look for when visiting your website the first time.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps people find your website when using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By strategically placing keywords throughout your website, the web designer makes you visible to the public. That allows you to appeal to more people because you’re in one of the top positions on the first page of the search results.


Again, it’s important to keep things simple and readable. Have the web designer allow enough room for empty space to give your visitors’ eyes a break. Create content with value so people trust it for information. It drives traffic and gives you better conversion rates.


Get to know your customers and what they value so you’re best able to help them with their needs. A web designer has a target audience in mind. They make the virtual environment welcoming and trustworthy by making it visually appealing to look at, easy to get around, consistent, search engine friendly, and content rich.

The internet doesn’t have to be unfamiliar territory. Through great web design, it becomes a place where people go to do business with companies like yours over and over again. Focus on providing helpful tips to visitors and honing in on your company’s best practices for best results.

Learn 6 things about web design projects to get a better understanding of it.

How to Use SEO in your Business Plan

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If you browse any SEO/webmaster forum, you’ll find enough information to ensure that you’re well equipped for the future. However, too much information can mean that it’s more difficult for a beginner to get simple answers, and you might still have questions. To begin with, you need to know how SEO can help you with your business plan. This article will outline some suggestions for how you can integrate SEO into your business outline.

You can start by working out what you have that sets you apart from your opponents, since this gives you something to focus on. Positional advantage is when you are able to get the best out of your physical position and visibility.The internet is more forgiving in this respect, since there is no limit on the space that you can inhabit, and it’s more about using SEO to get high search rankings.

Search engine optimization is important when putting together your business strategy, but there are some basic things that you need to establish. One of the most basic things is to have a vision statement. This is what your business does, so it needs to stay reasonably consistent. After this, you need to elaborate on your objectives.the benefits of seo with a responsive design

From this point, you can come up with measurable goals in order to reach those objectives, and the strategies that allow you to get there. Search engine optimization is not a strategy by itself, but it is something to apply to any strategy that you have. Attaining high search rankings is a way to embellish the core objectives for your business.

Likewise, you need to employ different strategies in order to get there. SEO is an outcome, in many ways. These strategies, too, can be broken down into tactics in order to help you achievement. Sometimes, you need to break things down into tiny goals so that you can reach the bigger ones.

If you construct your business plan accordingly, it will be more solid in the long run. Using search engine optimization intelligently can help make it an important part of your plan. Whatever the size of your business, it is possible to attain high search rankings by seeking out and applying the right knowledge.

If you’re a newbie then be sure to see our beginners guide for new seo specialists to help you get started.

SEO for Novice Internet Marketers: Seven Solid Tips on Blogging Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization is probably the most effective way of driving a tremendous amount of traffic to your website. Getting visitors to your website will eventually lead to more sales for your products or services. Implementing SEO techniques is not as difficult as you may believe. Let’s take a quick look at seven solid tips that can help you master the art of blogging SEO.

Get Your Own Domain and Hosting

It is vital for you to get your own domain and hosting. You will not succeed in getting high search engine rankings with free blogs. You will also fail in getting your readers to take you seriously.

Address Problems With Fresh Content

Google is only interested in providing their readers with original content. Your blog will get favorable attention from this popular search engine if you provide your readers with new content. Unique videos, informative podcasts, and photos will help your blog get high search engine rankings.using seo to your advantage

Build Backlinks Naturally

It would be a grave mistake for you to purchase backlinks. You should secure backlinks in a natural fashion. Get backlinks from sites that are in your niche or area of interest. It is imperative for you to avoid adding too many backlinks to your blog in one day. Adding ten to twenty backlinks to your site each day will spare your blog from being penalized by Google.

SEO Optimized Theme

An SEO Optimized Theme will help your blog get favorable rankings in Google. Research shows that Google trusts blogs with SEO Optimized Themes. Make certain that your theme is original, has a clean code, and loads fast.

Get Familiar With SEOmoz

SEOmoz is the best source for learning more about effective SEO tactics. SEOmoz is periodically updated with new information.

SEO Plugins

You should take advantage of SEO Plugins. The All in One SEO Pack is probably the best SEO Plugin around today.

Get on the Social Media Train

Create multiple social media profiles. This will help you get credibility with your readers. Social media platforms can also help drive visitors to your blog.

Search Engine Optimization is a solid way of getting readers to your blog. Using the seven blogging Search Engine Optimization tips above can help you get a sharp edge over your competition in the search engine rankings.

Learn about how important a responsive website is for seo and how you can get one.

Top 6 Things heard during a B2B Web Design Project

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As a web design firm based in Vancouver, we have worked with hundreds of clients to create unique, informative and engaging websites. Over the years, we have helped clients with the website building process by addressing concerns and answering common questions that pop up during a typical B2B web design project. The six most common concerns are listed below:

“Make the Logo Larger”

Although this may seem logical to attract attention, bigger is not necessarily better. In fact, it is not the size of the logo that makes the difference – but the placement of the logo that will make your web page stand out.more about great web development

“The Site needs more CTAs”

Too many CTAs will most likely drive potential customers ways. A clear, simple website is what will turn visitors into leads and ultimately into repeat customers.

“The phone number needs to be in more places”

Similar to CTAs, phone numbers need to be strategically placed. A quality B2B web designer will place a phone number exactly where a visitor will see it. Having it in several different locations is not only distracting but it adds no value to the site.

“I don’t have time to review the design”

It is important the the customer takes the time to review the design. In addition to checking for errors, your feedback is important for us to provide customers with the best possible service.

“Why isn’t the site live?”

A minor delay may happen on occasion and customers are informed as soon as possible.

“The website is not perfect, don’t launch”

Launching only happens when the design and coding is complete and the design is reviewed and approved by the client.

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Car Wrapping is Nothing New but Spreading Like Wildfire

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Businesses both large and small have been using car wrap advertising to increase their brand awareness and sales for a long time now. However, they have never seen the kind of wildfire that it’s stirring up today. Using graphics complimenting their brands has enabled them to boost their businesses by as much as a mind-staggering 107% on average. That’s enough to turn any business person’s head.

how easy it is to remove vehicle wraps

More business owners are having their family vehicles wrapped as well. They are advertisements on wheels, letting everyone within their traveling area know what their business is all about.

Every single custom car wrap has a 3 year lifespan. The prices for these business boosting graphics are becoming more affordable all the time as the competition is increasing for gaining customers. Today’s marketplace demands effective advertising and car wrap advertising ranks right up at the top. Isn’t it time your company and brand was being seen more often? Get your car wrap now!

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Are Car Wraps Easy to Remove

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People getting car wraps ask this question time and time again. One of the first things nearly every client wants to know is how easy it is to remove their car wrap. Is it easy? Absolutely! As long as certain conditions are met.

If you have a vehicle that has been wrapped using a high-quality vinyl wrap then removing it is quite easy. All you need to do is a grab a source of heat (heat gun) and bring along some much needed patience.whats new about vehicle wraps

The process is what’s important. The wrap will have to be heated up to a specific degree and then pulled back slowly, maintaining a 45-degree angle. You should use both hands, spreading your fingers open, so that you’re making contact with most of the film’s surface when pulling back on it.

Never ‘Yank’ on the film. Car wrap that has stayed on the car over 3 years may have a stronger adhesion. If you yank on the film it can cause the vinyl and the laminate to separate. Car wraps without laminate are really hard to remove.

Another important thing to remember is when you’re having the wrap installed, be sure to ask that they use NO PRIMER. It can be a real nightmare to try and remove a wrap after primers has been used around the edges. It causes the vinyl and the laminate to separate, leaving behind the adhesive residue, which is very difficult to remove.

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Car Wrap Advertising for Both Today and Tomorrow

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Today one of the most popular ways of advertising is car wrap advertising. It is very effective regardless of the size of your business. It’s also great for raising brand awareness. How many times have you seen an ad on the side of some vehicle and remembered that service or company? Car wrap advertising increases brand recognition by as much as 15 times more than any other type of advertising technique. The reason is the visibility factor. When your ad is displayed on a car it can be seen as often as 30,000 – 70,000 times every wraps seem easy to remove

The question is this – will advertising continue to be this effective over the next 10 years? This question prompted Grand View Research to look for an answer. The answer is that ‘’ found that the industry projection for custom car wrap is that it will continue to grow and evolve in many ways and still be a heavy contender in the world of advertising in the future.

Researchers have also predicted some trends in the area of advertising. They foresee more and more people owning and running their own businesses, mainly due to the influence of the Internet, and those business owners adding car wrap to their family vehicles. They are advertising their companies even on their days off, while driving to the store, school events, social events, dining out, and more. Their brands are constantly being seen as they simply live their lives.

Car wrap is even catching on in other countries. Don’t you think it’s time you got started? Get your wrap today!

Check out our previous article about how car wraps are spreading fast around the world.

Why You Should Choose Creative Theory For Business Cards

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Get exceptional business card printing online with Creative Theory. As a well-known professional business card printer, we take our customer’s printing needs seriously. That is why we make an earnest effort to produce quality cards. We offer a wide variety of business cards. We begin with attractive paper stock (14PT, 16PT, 18PT, 22PT and 32PT). We offer you the choice of adding linen, full UV, and many other designs. We also offer oval, square, and slim business cards. You will not have any difficulty in finding a suitable card at Creative Theory.

Please remember that Creative Theory have many other methods that can help you present your contact information to your targeted audience. Punch cards, discount cards, and many other different types of authentic cards are at your disposal.

Excellent Premium Business Cards

Our cards are printed with the fine workmanship. We take pride in the products we produce. You deserve a business card that can help your company stand out in the midst of steep competition. We print full color on both sides of our customer’s cards. We complete all orders in a timely manner. At Creative Theory, we are certain that our work will help your company make a big impact. A sample pack can be sent to you for close review. You can learn more about designing and selecting by visiting our business cards blog.

We Are Dedicated to Helping Youinteresting things about custom printing

How else can we help you? Contact our customer service department if you have any questions or inquiries. Our team will be more than happy to discuss your concerns in a professional manner.

Turnaround Time

Under normal circumstances, the turnaround time for an order can be anywhere from two to seven days. Some orders are eligible for fast production. You can see the production timeline for each order on our product pages.

Extra Printed Products

As a leader in our industry, we offer other excellent printed products. Our unique presentation folders can give your firm a classy image. You can distribute them to your audience at conferences, functions, and meetings. They come in many different printing options.

What’s so interesting about book printing and its benefits? Learn that from us.

Reasons to Start a Signage Company

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You have a creative mind, you blend colors well and enjoy building things. You have a designers eye and want to open a sign shop. Great idea!

This is not about the great perks associated with owning a business, but it consists of the top five reasons that you should not open a sign shop.

Reason #1

It is not easy. You will be putting in long hours in learning everything you can about the industry and applying what you learned to building a solid client base. If you are not ready to dig your heels in and spend years of hard, unrecognized work, then do not start a sign shop.

Reason #2starting a signage service

If you think that you know all there is to know, think again. Even after 30 years in the industry, smart people in the sign business know that owning a business is a process that is a continuous quest for experience and knowledge. To quote Albert Einstein “Intellectual growth begins and birth and ceases at death”.

Reason #3

Your friends and family not share your passion for owning a business. They may wish you luck and even support you financially for a while, but ultimately it is a long lonely road. If you are not willing to go it basically alone, then starting a sign business is not for you.

Reason #4

Owning a sign business is not total freedom. By achieving the goal of doing what you want, when you want comes at a very high price. It is followed only by hard work, developing a solid client base and keeping a tight rein on financial matters.

Reason #5

Money is the backbone of a successful business. You must ask for deposits and full payment upon the completion of the job. If there is not a steady flow of money going into the business, do not start a sign company.

Some Facts Regarding Custom Printing

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There are numerous aspects to custom printing that many people fail to consider for their projects. There are things like the weight of the paper, the opacity, and availability.

Weight of the Paper

It is true that 55# text can feel sort of light but in reality the Sebago IV Antique finish is actually quite substantial. It creates the same feel as a 70# text sheet. The reason for this is because this paper hasn’t been smoothed out or crushed between the rolls of the machine making the paper. This would also be the reason for its rough finish.

Main text stock can be thick, which prompted me to choose a thicker gloss than I would have normally for one of my projects. I went with the 80# as opposed to the 70# text weight. Even though it is really thinner than my main text paper, it feels like it’s thicker.learn about book printing services

Opacity of the Paper

When considering the opacity of the paper you select, keep in mind that you want to prevent the reader from seeing any photos on the back of pages all the way through to the front. This translucence (show-through) can become a substantial issue when dealing with 50#, 60# or 70# paper weights.


When negotiating a schedule, if there is any reason a supplier may be warning about late deliveries, they may need to be left out altogether. The reason is that most schedules are dealing with hard and fast delivery dates. You commitment to delivering on time is part of your overall reputation. Always strive to make your due dates and be sure your paper is available before ordering.

Learn more about business cards and their important.

Book Printing: Layouts and Signatures

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Go to I received the thumbnail of a book layout from a client making a graphic novel. The book size is 8.5 “ by 10.875” , and it will be published with a heatset web press making it easier to understand the printing requirements as opposed to a complete book. The PDF I sent to the printers is composed of 208 side-by-side pages. The printing company showed me what the final copy would look like on the press with no signatures.what you should know about custom printing services

While the reader will see the two-by-two spread, the printer placed the pages in 32 signatures, indicating the page that would be on each side of the press. Signatures refer to a grouping of even number pages such as 4-page or8-page indicating page breaks, and the grouping may be larger. This allows the client to include a gatefold or other insert, and they can determine color conflicts with the heavy ink coverage on each page. For example, some colors used for a solid background like magenta may result in a reddish cast on images. Before your book is printed, ask the printer about web offset or sheet-feed offset, and inform them of any inserts you plan to use.