Are Car Wraps Easy to Remove

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People getting car wraps ask this question time and time again. One of the first things nearly every client wants to know is how easy it is to remove their car wrap. Is it easy? Absolutely! As long as certain conditions are met.

If you have a vehicle that has been wrapped using a high-quality vinyl wrap then removing it is quite easy. All you need to do is a grab a source of heat (heat gun) and bring along some much needed patience.whats new about vehicle wraps

The process is what’s important. The wrap will have to be heated up to a specific degree and then pulled back slowly, maintaining a 45-degree angle. You should use both hands, spreading your fingers open, so that you’re making contact with most of the film’s surface when pulling back on it.

Never ‘Yank’ on the film. Car wrap that has stayed on the car over 3 years may have a stronger adhesion. If you yank on the film it can cause the vinyl and the laminate to separate. Car wraps without laminate are really hard to remove.

Another important thing to remember is when you’re having the wrap installed, be sure to ask that they use NO PRIMER. It can be a real nightmare to try and remove a wrap after primers has been used around the edges. It causes the vinyl and the laminate to separate, leaving behind the adhesive residue, which is very difficult to remove.

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